As schools opened again in Cambodia, January 2022, at the end of the Corona measures, many students from poor families needed means to get to school after 1.5 years of on-line lessons. So we decided to buy for 25 students a bicycle, backpack and stationery, which package was prepared by the Shinta Mani organization. This […]

Supporting two university students

We are supporting this year 2021 two university students, Ruth (business administration) and Jaqui (bio-engineering), in Ayacucho (Peru) with a scholarship. In the Ayacuchan Andes, it is difficult for young students to have access to university studies. Our help will allow them to have a better future. In 2020 we also supported Joel, the brother […]

Building a dormitory in Ruacana

In October 2022we visited our school in Ruacana, Namibia, and could see the dormitories, standing well and in use for 13 boys (one room), and 7 girls (the other place). We met with a very engaged teacher’s team, spoke with the Dormitory Committee, and especially could experience “live” how difficult it is to reach the […]