Building a dormitory in Ruacana

In October 2022we visited our school in Ruacana, Namibia, and could see the dormitories, standing well and in use for 13 boys (one room), and 7 girls (the other place). We met with a very engaged teacher’s team, spoke with the Dormitory Committee, and especially could experience “live” how difficult it is to reach the school. 

Having left the gravel/tar roads, we drove downhill over a narrow path, continuing the drive through the “middle of nowhere” for about 7 km. . Students have to do this every day on foot … It did cost us in any case one flat tire !

We did build a dormitory in Ruacana (Namibia) for offering a shelter to the students .

These students have to walk more than 10-20km to school daily. Several of them stop going to school, especially during bad weather conditions.

Offering them a place where they can sleep,close to their school, encourages them to continue studying.