Supporting two university students

We are supporting this year 2021 two university students, Ruth (business administration) and Jaqui (bio-engineering), in Ayacucho (Peru) with a scholarship. In the Ayacuchan Andes, it is difficult for young students to have access to university studies.
Our help will allow them to have a better future. In 2020 we also supported Joel, the brother of Jaqui, and having studied pharmacy by then

My sister Yaqui and I, we are in good health, as well are my parents. All these days of quarantine due to the coronavirus means we could not sell our roses, we had no economic income.

But we did not lose everything, because we have taken the harvest to prepare compost; we will have good crops to take to market when the situation is resolved, from the following weeks the cars will come back and we can take them to the city to sell.

We are also taking advantage of the time to carry out other business ideas; my sister has already built the sheds for her guinea pigs, and I have also finished building the sheds for my egg-laying hens. These were two ideas we had in mind to add to the greenhouse we have. We both dedicated ourselves to the greenhouse and each of us to our own sheds. To maintain the greenhouse we always consulted the engineers of Solids JOVEM project. For our guinea pig and chicken business, we also ask our friends of Solid Rosalvina, Jose and Efrain for advice.

We do these activities in the mornings, in the afternoons we have to go to my aunt and uncle’s house, who live two hours away. We go there, because the internet signal is better. In my parents’ house there is no signal, only in certain places, and the internet is very slow. This is a concern because now the classes at the university will be virtual. For all of this, we used our cell phones which were not great, the signal stopped and we could not access the pages well, but that's what we had. We even thought about leaving the university for a while because we didn't have the technology to be able to do the classes.

But fortunately, we have our angels, the BRIGHT foundation, who recently gave us a big surprise; they gave us two new generation laptops. Thanks to them, now our motivation to study has increased, because now we enter the university platform, we are preparing to not miss any classes. We are very grateful. The laptop is our best tool to study during the coronavirus situation. When my parents see us leave with our laptops they are happy, they do not understand much about our education and what we are learning, but they know that our desire to study has grown. Thank you very much BRIGHT foundation. We dedicate all our efforts and achievements to you and to Solid’s JOVEM project.