"BRIdGe for Helping Talent”

Talent being Bright in its own.


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Zahra & Koen

“We love traveling, We are positive, curious, passionate, committed, spontaneous” 

Our philosophy : love, live, laugh !

We have set up the BRIGHT charity Fund that sets as a goal to help people from all over the world, to give them more options in life through support for study. We wish to offer a bridge for people who wish to learn, or develop a skill, may they fall short in that goal for financial or other resources.

The Fund is not  limited to funding students for university studies alone. We intend to support also elementary or high school students, and initiatives in culture, art, music, dance, hand skills and the like, all in respectful diversity.

Set up under the umbrella of the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), the Fund aims to develop talent, or at least take away the obstacles to reaching that goal.